Tips To Keep Your Sewer Lateral In Tip-Top Shape

10 March 2023
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Your home's plumbing system has a sewer lateral that connects all the drains in your entire house to the municipal sewer main. The sewer lateral is sometimes referred to as your home's main drain because it carries all the wastewater and sewage from sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and floor drains out of the property. 

Unfortunately, sewer laterals are one of the most often forgotten parts of domestic plumbing systems. This can largely be attributed to the fact that they are usually buried outside and remain out of sight until they develop a problem. 

Use these tips to keep your residential sewer lateral line in good working condition while preventing costly repair issues in the long run.

Inspect Your Sewer Line

Are you guilty of not inspecting your sewer line regularly?

If you fail to inspect the sewer line from time to time, many issues can go unnoticed until they result in serious damage to your plumbing system and entire property. By this time, even the smallest issues might have turned into big problems, which are expensive to repair.

Sewer camera inspections let your plumber see inside your sewer line and pinpoint the trouble areas in real-time. The fast diagnosis process saves you time and money on the necessary repairs. 

Some common issues that a sewer camera inspection can help to identify include the following:

  • Sediment and debris accumulation
  • Corrosion
  • Cracks and fractures
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Pipe collapse 

After completing a sewer camera inspection, your plumber will provide a detailed report indicating the type, nature, and extent of problems faced while suggesting the necessary fixes.  

Clean Your Sewer Line

Your residential sewer pipes require regular cleanings to remove the sediment and debris that build up inside over time and lead to clogs and backups. Cleaning your sewer line regularly also helps to prevent unpleasant sewer odors from affecting your indoor air quality.

Sewer cleaning professionals use different techniques to deliver effective cleaning results.

The most common techniques for cleaning sewer lines include hydro-jetting, power rodding, and chemical cleaning. The best cleaning method for your sewer line will depend on various factors, including the type, age, and physical condition of the pipes that require cleaning.

Many modern plumbers offer various sewer maintenance services to help prevent most sewer lateral issues and minimize sewer repair costs over the long term.

Contact a local plumbing professional today for assistance with your sewer line maintenance needs and concerns.