Easy Ways To Help Your Plumber Help You

7 August 2020
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A qualified plumber will do it all and save the day for you. Be it a leak, a burst pipe, or blocked drains, you want to leave your plumbing problems to the experts and avoid doing it yourself.

That said, there is plenty you can do to help the plumber help you. Top among these things include the following.

Be Ready for the Questions

Know the basics, such as where the main shut-off valve is in your property. You should also be ready to answer some questions that are specific to your plumbing problem.

What signs of trouble have you noticed so far? When did you first see these signs? What actions have you taken so far in trying to fix the problem? If you don't trust your memory, you may want to write the answers to these commonly asked questions beforehand.

Clear Out the Area

Your plumber will have an easier time getting around and doing their job if there are no obstacles in the work area. Consider removing kitchen rugs and clearing that stash of cleaning supplies and other items you keep in your under-the-sink kitchen cabinet.

Curious kids and pets can also be quite a handful and a distraction. Keeping the kids and pets in another room or out of the house is also for their safety since accidents can happen at any time.

Point Out Other Problems

You may have called your plumber to look at a clogged drain, but it's also a good time as any to know why the water from your hot water system isn't hot enough and fix it. Let the plumber inspect all possible problem areas.

If these other problems can be fixed there and then, the better it is for you. It's almost certain that it will cost you less to fix these problems than it would if you waited to call the plumber another time later on. The damage may have gotten worse by then, and call-out fees also apply.

Be Ready to Learn

Ask questions — any questions, really. What can you do to avoid a recurrence of the same problem? What should you do the next time a similar problem happens? A professional plumber will indulge you and answer your questions.

Answer the questions asked correctly and clear out the work area, and you will reduce how much time the plumber spends fixing your problem. By pointing out other issues and being ready to learn, you can avoid another service call so soon after the first.

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