Tips For Childproofing Your Plumbing

25 August 2023
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Children have a curiosity that can sometimes lead to unexpected plumbing mishaps. From flushing toys down the toilet to turning on faucets, the possibilities are endless. Childproofing your plumbing can save you from unwanted repairs and ensure your little one's safety. Below are some essential tips to help protect both your plumbing and your precious child.

Install Toilet Locks

The allure of water can often lead little hands to the toilet bowl. Not only does this raise concerns about sanitation and potential clogging, but it is also a drowning risk. A toilet lock is a simple device that keeps the toilet lid securely closed, preventing your child from accessing it. These locks are usually easy for adults to unlock but complex enough to keep toddlers at bay.

Use Faucet Guards and Anti-Scald Devices

Scalding can be a grave concern, especially when kids play with faucets. Installing an anti-scald device can prevent hot water burns. These devices work by limiting how hot the water can get. Faucet guards, on the other hand, are coverings for faucets that reduce the risk of injury from hard metal edges and prevent little hands from turning them on.

Secure Under-Sink Cabinets

Many people store cleaning supplies under the sink. These can be extremely hazardous if consumed. Use childproof cabinet locks to keep these areas off limits. This will not only prevent exposure to harmful chemicals but also keep curious kids away from the plumbing beneath.

Install Drain Stoppers and Covers

The bathtub is another place of fascination. Kids can accidentally drain water while still in the tub or, even worse, get their little fingers stuck. Drain stoppers or covers can prevent both of these issues. They can be easily installed and removed by adults when not required.

Do Regular Inspections

Make it a habit to inspect your bathroom and kitchen regularly. Check for reachable objects that can be tossed into the toilet or sink. Ensure that there are no accessible tools or loose parts that children can fiddle with. Regular inspections will help you anticipate potential problems before they occur.

Prepare for Emergencies

No matter how well you childproof, there is always a chance of unexpected situations. Ensure everyone in the house knows where the main water shutoff valve is. In case of a major leak or overflow caused by playful exploration, being able to quickly turn off the water supply can prevent significant damage.

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