Portable Toilet Rentals — Smart Decisions To Make For Events

28 June 2023
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Outdoor events require many resources, but portable toilets are one of the most important. Without them, it would be problematic for attendees to use the bathroom without feeling vulnerable and embarrassed. Remember to take these actions the next time you rent portable toilets for an event you're in charge of.

Tour Toilets in Person

Once you find a supplier to rent portable toilets from, explore their inventory in person. Leave nothing to the imagination so that when your portable toilets arrive at the event site, you know they'll work out perfectly. 

After booking a tour of the supplier's toilet inventory, they'll display all their different models for you to look at and go inside. When you do, see how big each toilet is and review noteworthy features, including hand wash stations and mirrors. 

Ultimately, you'll quickly figure out which toilets best serve your event rather than just guessing. 

Make Sure There's Interior Lighting 

If your event lasts for hours into the night, get portable toilet rentals with lights on the interior. A well-lit portable toilet is safer and more convenient to use at night.

Fortunately, a lot of these toilets come with interior lighting. Ensure your lights are energy-efficient and bright enough to help attendees see when using the bathroom and washing their hands after they finish. 

Place Them Strategically 

The placement of portable toilet rentals dictates how they get used, so review a couple of factors that determine an appropriate setup location.  Start with visibility. Your rental toilets should be easy to see for everyone at the event so they know where to go when they use the bathroom. In addition to highly visible portable toilet rentals, make sure they're easy to access. Locations near entrances and exits, for example, might work best. 

Don't Forget About Safety 

You have your portable toilet rentals picked out and know where to place them. All that's left is to ensure these units are safe for event-goers. You don't want any accidents coming back to bite you after all.

The easiest thing to do is look for portable toilet rentals that are up to code. Look for safety features like non-slip floors, handrails on the interior, and features that accommodate people with handicaps. 

With portable toilet rentals, it is possible to throw a successful outdoor event with many people in attendance. Use common sense and you won't regret anything about these rental toilets. For more information on portable toilet rentals, contact a professional near you.