2 Ways Neglecting To Regularly Pump Out Your Home's Septic Tank Adversely Affects The System's Drainfield

19 May 2023
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When your home uses a septic system, the average recommended time you can go between having it pumped is three to five years. However, there are other factors that you and the septic service will consider when coming up with a schedule, such as the size of the tank and the number of people living in your house. 

Even if you know the schedule you need to stick to, you may wind up forgetting about calling to have the tank cleaned or feel that you can go a little bit longer than the time allotted. However, when you neglect to have the septic system cleaned out, you not only risk damaging the tank but also adversely affecting the system's drainfield in a couple of ways.

1. Solid Waste Will Travel Through the Drainfield's Lines and Cause Blockages and Damage

One way that a septic tank that has not been pumped on time and is starting to overflow will adversely affect the system's drainfield is that solid waste will start traveling through the lines. Ordinarily, the waste settles at the bottom of the tank, allowing only grey water to filter through the drainfield.

When the tank becomes too full, the waste will not settle, causing the solids to push through the lines to create blockages and damage the drainfield. Having the septic tank pumped and cleaned out regularly can help you avoid damage that will result in costly repairs.

2. Excessive Greywater Will Flood the Drainfield and Cause Sewage Backup and Flooding of the Area's Soil

Another issue an overfilled septic tank will create with the drainfield is that excessive greywater will be sent through the lines. As part of the septic system, the fluids usually trickle into the drainfield to give it time to process without causing flooding.

However, if too much greywater enters the drainfield because the septic tank is full, it will not have time to process it, which will lead to sewage backup and flooding the area's soil. This not only will contaminate the soil, but the excess will also back up into the tank and up through your drains unless the tank is pumped as soon as possible.

When you neglect to have your septic tank cleaned out, you not only risk damage to the tank but also the drainfield. As the drainfield is damaged and becomes blocked, the sewage backup and plumbing will create even more problems for the entire system. If you cannot remember the last time you had the system cleaned, contact a company like Chamberlain Septic and Sewer to speak to someone about scheduling a service.