Your Questions Are Answered About Damaged Water Heater Replacement

11 April 2023
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When water begins to pool around a water heater, it is a sign that something serious is wrong and needs attention. For example, pooling water is a sign that the interior of the water heater tank has begun to erode. When the tank begins to erode, making a repair might be senseless, as a new water heater is likely needed. Replacing the damaged water heater should be done as soon as possible because failing to do so can lead to several problems. However, make sure the heater actually needs to be replaced before doing so by hiring a plumber. 

Is Pooling Water the Only Problem of Concern?

Pooling water often happens when a water heater has become old, but you might also notice other problems. A common problem that points to a replacement being needed is when hot water can no longer be accessed. For example, water might get slightly warm and then turn cold due to the heating element wearing out. Another problem that points to an old water heater is rust water running out of faucets, which points to corrosion inside the water heater tank. An old water heater that frequently needs repairs should be replaced as soon as possible.

What Are the Risks of a Damaged Water Heater?

A risk of keeping a damaged water heater in your home is the attraction of pests, such as pests that are drawn to water. If the tank has been leaking water, you can also end up with mold spreading around your home. Keep in mind that mold might begin near the water heater, but spores can get into the air and cause mold growth in other areas as well. Due to a damaged water heater being attached to a supply of electricity, you might experience electrical problems in your home. For example, if the heater is old with a damaged power cord, it could lead to wires burning or a short circuit.

How Long Will a New Water Heater Last?

New water heaters can last for a long time after installation, but it depends on the model. The care of a water heater as time passes by affects durability as well. For example, if you ensure that your water heater is occasionally assessed by a plumber for maintenance, it will be more durable. In most cases, a new water heater can last for over a decade before a homeowner is placed in a position to buy a replacement.

Reach out to a water heater system installation service to learn more.