Measures To Take Immediately After You Notice That Your Water Heating Appliance Is Leaking

2 February 2023
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As some water heating appliances approach the end of their life span, they start developing different problems, including leaking. However, some minor leaks don't indicate a serious issue in most cases. But, if you don't handle the problem immediately, the leaking water may cause severe property damage. Therefore, once you notice the issue, you should take measures to protect your foundation and other installations. More so, contact an experienced plumber and inform them of the problem. Then, take the following measures as you wait for the expert to come and undertake the necessary repairs.

Turn Off the Water Supply 

Start by turning off the water supply using the shut-off valve that may be slightly above the heating unit. However, if you cannot access the gadget or cannot turn it off yourself, shut off your home's main water supply. Ultimately, this will prevent water from flowing into the unit. As a result, you will prevent more water damage that may occur before your plumbing expert arrives.

Turn Off the Power Supply

After controlling the water flow, turn off the power supply. Note that if you have a gas water heating appliance, the gas shut-off should be on the gas line that leads to the tank. But, if you have an electric water heater, you only need to turn off the circuit breaker. However, it's always advisable to ask a professional plumber about turning off your power supply to prevent injuries that may arise if you mishandle the process

Remove the Water

It's dangerous to stay in a flooded house. This is because there's a possibility of suffering severe injuries after slipping and falling. The water may also cause electrocution if it comes into contact with naked electric cables. In addition, it might make it challenging for the plumber to locate the leakage faster. Therefore, you need to remove the flooded water while waiting for expert help.

Leave the Repairs to a Professional

Although you may be able to fix some leaks on your own, it's best to leave the repairs in the hands of a professional. This is because some issues may require comprehensive assessment before repairs. In addition, you might end up worsening the situation, especially if you're unsure of the root cause of the leak. However, an experienced plumber will thoroughly check the appliance before undertaking any repairs. Ultimately, this will ensure they offer a comprehensive and effective solution to your leaking problem.

Contact a professional plumber immediately if you notice leaks in your heating unit. Then, take the measures above to slow the water damage. This will also make it easier for your water heater repair expert to diagnose the problem and undertake timely repairs. As a result, they will be able to restore the normal functionality of your appliance faster.  

For more information about water heater repair, contact a local company.