Is It Time To Purchase A New Sump Pump? 4 Telltale Signs

5 January 2023
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If your basement is well equipped with a functional sump pump, you'll never have to worry about water pooling issues. Whether flooding has occurred due to a heavy downpour or a burst pipe, the sump pump can get rid of the water effectively. Usually, these pumps are sturdy and can last many years without needing a replacement. Nevertheless, you'll need to replace it at some point. 

Knowing the signs of sump pump replacement will enable you to plan for the new installation adequately. Think about a getting new pump when you notice the following signs.

Constant Vibrations

Since the sump pump is located in the crawlspace or basement floor, it's prone to debris buildup. If items get lodged in the pump and build up over time, the impellers may get damaged or bend once you turn on the pump. As a result, the impellers won't balance, which means the shaft will get worn out quickly. When these components become dysfunctional, you'll notice vibrations when the pump is running.

Unusual Noises

When you turn on the pump and hear unusual noises, it could mean that the system is due for repairs or a replacement. Grinding or rattling sounds could indicate that some components are severely damaged. The only way to dampen the sound is by replacing the broken parts or the entire unit altogether.

Uneven Cycles

Although it's normal for the pump to cycle on and off, even after it rains heavily, the cycles shouldn't be irregular. Excessive cycling usually means the pump has a wiring malfunction or the electrical system has a short. So, when you realize that the pump has an irregular cycle, consider getting a new one. The decision to replace the unit is ideal if repairs don't seem to work.

Unyielding Operations

If you run a pump for many hours, but the water isn't directed away as fast as expected, the unit might not have adequate horsepower. In this case, a sump pump replacement is necessary. However, determine the appropriate pump size for your home before buying one. For instance, consider the reservoir dimensions, plumbing elbow, pathway, and pipe diameter.

You should immediately call a plumber whenever you notice the above signs or anything unusual. The plumbing technician will examine the sump pump to see if the repairs will work. If the damages are beyond repair or the costs are substantially high, you'll need to get a new sump pump. Make sure a pro handles the installation so you can benefit from your pump maximally.

For more information, reach out to local plumbers.