Reasons You Do Not Have Hot Water

18 November 2022
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A quality water heater is vital in providing hot water when you need it. However, your heating system may malfunction, resulting in slightly warm water from the faucets. Additionally, the water may take too long before flowing, which can inconvenience your washing activities. Since you rely on the heating appliance for indoor comfort, especially during winter, you should hire a plumbing expert the minute you notice such issues. The following are the reasons you do not have hot water.

Water Leak

The water from the faucets requires a few minutes in your heating appliance to heat up. Subsequently, hot water flows from the unit to all the taps across your house. However, the system may not warm the water adequately if the tank leaks. As a result, you will have lukewarm water from the taps, which flows at a slow rate. Moreover, your utility bills may spike due to water leakage. Thus, you should engage a professional plumber to fix the leaks in the heating system to prevent water damage in your home. 

Gas Leak

If you operate a gas system, you may experience water that won't heat up if the gas lines sustain a leak. Since utility providers infuse an additive in natural gas to give it a distinct smell, you may notice a rotten egg smell once gas begins to leak. Note that such an issue could result from the pipes distributing gas wearing out over time. So, without proper maintenance or repairs, they may eventually crack and leak out gas. Consequently, the heating appliance will lack enough power to heat water sufficiently, leading to cold water from the taps.

Pilot Light Malfunction

Old water heaters use a pilot light as an ignition source for the main burner. Over time, the pilot light may accumulate dirt and soot, leading to the appliance's sensor detecting a faulty flame signal. In addition, the pilot light may deteriorate due to constant usage, causing a weak flame that is easily extinguishable. Due to this, the heating appliance will stop firing, leading to a lack of hot water from your faucets.

Defective Thermocouple

The heater's thermocouple is a safety component that prevents unburned gases from getting in your house. However, your thermocouple may malfunction due to chemical or mechanical stress, restricting current flow. This results in the pilot going out, hindering the supply of gas. Consequently, hot water will not flow in your plumbing fixtures. Thus, you should contact a plumber to fix the thermocouple for optimal functionality.

A faulty water heater can cause inconveniences in delivering hot water throughout your home. Therefore, you should schedule a repair with a local plumbing service such as Merrimack Valley Plumbing LLC to ensure the heating unit runs correctly.