Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level: Why Have A Walk-In Bathtub Installed

1 November 2022
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If you still have a standard bathtub in your bathroom, it's time for an upgrade. It's time to talk to a plumber about installing a walk-in bathtub. If you're like most people, you think that walk-in tubs are for people with mobility issues. That's not the case though. Walk-in bathtubs provide benefits for people of all ages. If you're not sure a walk-in bathtub is right for you, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to have a plumber install a walk-in bathtub today. 

Built-In Safety Features 

If you're worried about bathroom safety, a walk-in bathtub is a safe option. Bathtubs can get quite slippery when they're wet. You can use nonslip stickers in your bathtub. But, those stickers can come loose after a while. Plus standard bathtubs aren't always easy to climb in and out of. That's where a walk-in bathtub comes into the picture. Walk-in bathtubs come equipped with nonslip floors. That means you'll always have protection against slip-and-fall accidents. Plus, there's no side wall to step over. As a result, your walk-in bathtub provides a safer bathing experience for the whole family. 

In-Home Hydrotherapy

If you end the day feeling tired and fatigued, it's time to have a plumber install a walk-in bathtub for you. One of the great things about walk-in tubs is that they come with hydrotherapy features. These features include hydro-jets and bubbles. That means you can get all the benefits of hydrotherapy in the privacy of your own bathroom. Best of all, you can soak whenever you want. There's no need to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist. 

Enhanced Comfort

If you like to lean back and relax while you bathe, you need to invest in a walk-in bathtub. One of the problems with standard bathtubs is that there's no real comfort involved. You need to sink down low and stretch out to cover your body in hot water. You won't have that problem when you install a walk-in bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs come with cushioned seats to give you a comfortable place to sit while you relax. Because the tubs are deeper than standard tubs, you can cover your entire body in hot water. 

Family Friendly

If you have young children, now's the time to install a walk-in bathtub. Walk-in tubs provide a family-friendly environment for bath time. This is especially beneficial for very young children. Your little ones can sit in your lap while you bathe them. You can even use the hydro-jet feature to soothe little ones. 

Contact a local plumbing service to learn more about walk-in tubs.