2 Reasons Against Installing Your Home's New Water Heater Yourself

26 October 2022
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After your home's water heater has failed completely, you may have already chosen a new model to replace it. While researching how to install the appliance, you may believe that the job is easy enough that you can do it yourself.

Before you commit yourself to the idea that you can put in the water heater yourself, pause and reconsider. There are a couple of good reasons against turning the installation of your home's new water heater into a do-it-yourself project instead of relying on a professional to do it for you.

1. Connections Between the Water Heater and Pipes Must Be Precisely Soldered to Avoid Leaks

One reason why you should rethink your idea of installing the water heater yourself is that the connections between the pipes and appliances must be made correctly. To do this, they must be soldered in a way precise manner, from sweating the copper to ensuring the material fully binds to the connection.

Since the water within the pipes is under pressure, if soldering is done incorrectly, this will damage the faulty connections and eventually make the pipes leak. A professional will have the experience to perform the soldering using the correct technique to ensure that these problems do not happen.

2. TPR Valve Must Be Installed and Tested to Prevent Catastrophic Damage 

Another reason why you should forego your idea of performing the installation yourself has to do with the pressure relief (TPR) valve. This valve is crucial for ensuring that a balance of pressure is maintained within the water heater's system. 

Before its first use, the TPR valve must be installed correctly and tested to ensure that it is working correctly. If not done correctly, pressure could build up, which could cause the tank to explode and cause catastrophic damage to both the appliance and the adjacent area. A professional knows exactly how to install and test this vital piece of the system.

Along with lacking the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to do the job safely, installing your own water heater may be illegal in your area. Even if you are allowed, you most likely need costly permits to do the work that a plumbing professional already has access to. Instead of risking damage to your plumbing and possibly putting yourself in legal trouble, contact a plumber in your area that offers hot water heater installation services to make an appointment and discuss your available options.