Repairing Potential Problems With Your Commercial Water Heater

2 August 2022
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A water heater is an essential appliance for many commercial and industrial businesses. Due to the important role that these devices play, business leaders should have a general awareness and understanding of the potential warning signs of significant water heater problems.

Signs Of Hot Water Quality Issues

A sudden decrease in the quality of your hot water can indicate that there is a significant problem developing with the water. An example of this type of issue could be the water developing a reddish color. This will most likely indicate that there is corrosion on the interior of the water heater that needs to be removed. Cloudy water can be another issue, but this may be the result of bacterial issues inside the hot water tank. Sanitizing the interior of the tank may be necessary for restoring the water quality.

A Substantial Decrease In the Pressure Of The Hot Water

A substantial decrease in the pressure of the building's hot water can also alert you of developing issues. One potential cause of this problem can be an obstruction developing in the line that connects the water heater to the rest of the plumbing. However, this could also indicate that a leak may have developed with the water heater. A leak can be a serious problem as it will potentially cause significant structural damage. In cases where a leak is the source of the pressure issues, a repair technician may be able to correct it by patching the opening that is allowing the leak to occur. An obstruction in the water line that is the result of mineral deposits may be effectively corrected by using solvents that can break them down. If your water heater has these mineral deposits in the lines, you may want to add a softening unit to your plumbing system as this can reduce the concentration of these minerals.

A Rattling Sound From The Water Heater

A water heater that is making a rattling sound should be serviced by a technician as soon as possible. The rattling noise may be due to a large sediment or mineral ball in the unit, and this could eventually cause a significant clog to form. However, this could also be the result of the unit having heating elements or other internal components loosening. To determine the cause of the rattling noise, the water heater may need to have its tank opened, but this is a routine task for commercial water heater repair professionals.

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