4 Possible Sewage Line Problems

25 July 2022
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The sewage system is installed underneath the ground and, therefore, not easily physically visible. Nonetheless, sewage pipes are prone to damage from the outside and also from the contents inside the pipes. As such, your sewage plumbing system may be vulnerable to the following issues.

Blocked Sewage Pipes

Unflushable substances may go down the drain and get stuck. These include wipes, certain types of tissues, tampons, condoms, etc. Once they get stuck, these substances act as barriers preventing other contents from passing through the pipes, and over time, the sewage line becomes blocked. Fortunately, specialists can effectively unblock the sewer lines and restore functioning. These professionals can also inspect the pipes thoroughly and make any repairs needed.

Tree Root Growth

Due to the pipes' contents, roots grow towards them as they seek water. If these roots penetrate the pipes, the resulting cracks likely cause leaks in the sewage line. Additionally, the roots may block the pipe, causing its contents to become backed up and overflow. Root angering stops growth on the root, so it no longer threatens the sewage lines. Cutting the roots is another method of preventing damage caused by roots to the sewer lines. 

A professional inspection also needs to be made to determine where all tree roots lie in order to avoid future damage. Furthermore, property owners are advised to find the location of sewage lines before planting trees.

Breakage of Pipes

Aging causes breakage of pipes because when they are used for a long time, the pipes become weak. Soil shifting may also cause pipe breakage and can result from excessive water stored in the soil, e.g., after rain. As a result, the pipes start changing shape and eventually crack or break in such cases. 

On the other hand, the substances passing through the sewer lines also affect the pipes. For example, some substances may contain acids and erode the pipe walls. Consequently, with time, the walls weaken and become vulnerable to breaking.

A Foul Smell in the House

Damaged pipes often leak their contents and result in a foul smell permeating your home. Regular pipe inspection is necessary to prevent this and ensure that your residence is livable.

Many sewer line problems can be prevented through proper maintenance. In addition, ensure that repairs and pipe replacements are done promptly and as required. It is impossible to know the condition of the sewage pipes without regular professional inspections. A failure to take these measures results in extensive damage, which can make your home unlivable.

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