Finding And Repairing Under Slab Leaks

19 July 2022
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Leaking pipes under a home's foundation is a problem that many people will find themselves encountering. Due to the location of these leaks, individuals may not be aware that they are occurring for some time. Once the leak becomes known, the necessary repairs will have to be completed quickly to limit the property damage that is occurring.

Under Slab Leaks Can Cause Substantial Foundation Damage As Time Passes

The foundation of your home will be extremely vulnerable to suffering damage from leaks that are occurring under the slab. Over time, these leaks can cause substantial water damage to the concrete in the foundation, which can directly lead to it degrading and cracking. Additionally, these leaks will have the ability to cause the soil under the house to erode, which can be another source of damage to the foundation.

Detecting Under Slab Leaks Can Require Specialized Services

When there is a leak under the foundation slab for your home, it will be necessary to find and repair the issue as soon as possible so that the amount of water damage that is occurring can be minimized as much as possible. A primary warning sign of a substantial under slab leak occurring can be your water bills being noticeably higher without there being an obvious cause for the increase or other visible leaks in the home. If you suspect that there may be a leak under your foundation slab, there are plumbing professionals who specialize in finding these leaks. These contractors can utilize specialized leak detection systems that will be able to sense higher levels of moisture in the soil. Once the general area of the leak has been identified, it may be easier to narrow down the potential causes so that a repair plan can be created.

The Location And Type Of Leak May Require Rather Involved Repairs To Correct

Unfortunately, many under slab leaks can be relatively difficult to repair due to the awkward location of these issues. For example, the soil may need to be excavated to provide access to the damaged pipe or it may even be necessary to cut a hole through the concrete slab so that the pipe can be replaced or patched. In the event that the concrete slab needs to be cut to repair this problem, these contractors will be able to patch and restore the slab so that its structural integrity will not be negatively impacted by this repair process.

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