Pipes Keep Getting Clogged? Why Hydro Jetting Should Be Used To Clean Them

30 June 2022
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If you have pipes in your home that are constantly getting clogged, this can become a nuisance. Fortunately, there are things you can do to remove these clogs and prevent them from coming back again. Oftentimes, a professional will use hydro jetting to do this. Below are three reasons why this is chosen. 

Cleans Well

There is a lot of waste that goes through your pipes each day, and this can add up over the year. Things like grease, food particles, and soap leave behind a sticky residue that builds up and creates clogs. The only way to prevent problems is to constantly clean the pipes to keep the clogs from forming. This is not feasible for most people, however. It would also be very difficult for you to clean the pipes well enough if you do this on your own. 

Hire a company that does hydro jetting to clean pipes. Hydro jetting uses high pressure along with water that forcefully blasts the water into the pipes. This does not cause damage but thoroughly cleans and removes buildups, clogs, obstructions, and residue. The water pressure is strong enough that there is nothing that can withstand it. 

Saves Money

Even though hydro jetting may cost more in the beginning than other drain cleaning types, it is much safer for your pipes. Traditional drain cleaners have a lot of toxic chemicals that can eat away at pipes which will result in holes over time. These products can also damage bathtubs and sink enamel, which would result in you paying for repairs that can become costly. If you have older pipes, these are more prone to damage from clogs, cleaning products, and more. 

Hydro jetting only uses water, so no chemicals are used. This process also does not put pressure on the pipes so even if you have older pipes, it will not damage them. In the end, it can help older pipes last much longer as they will be cleaner and in good condition. 

Removes Bacteria

There may be times when there are bacteria built up in pipes and drain lines that you are not aware of. If you have this, you will smell a foul smell coming from your bathroom and kitchen drains. This can happen if the water sits in a pipe for a long time because bacteria will start to grow and get worse until the pipes are cleaned. 

The bacteria generally grow in the P-trap, which is the curved pipe under the kitchen and bathroom sink. This is because clogs often form in this area. Another common place for this to happen is in drain lines. You will not see bacteria grow in intake lines, however. When the company hydro jets the pipes and lines this removes all bacteria and makes your home smell much better. 

There are many more reasons why hydro jetting should be used, which the contractor that comes to your home can tell you about. For more information, contact a hydro-jetting service such as Guerra Bros Plumbing Inc.