4 Main Benefits Of Water Heater Installation

31 May 2022
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Water heaters provide warm water for consumption in the home. However, when your water heater slows down or becomes severely damaged, you may require a new water heater installation. Here are the pros of installing a new water heater.


Old water heaters may be less energy efficient as their components may be worn out. This causes your water heater to strain when working and use more energy. So, you may notice an unusual increase in your water heating bill that consequently results in increased energy expenses. 

Fortunately, a new water heater installation works efficiently as all its components are intact. Therefore, the heater warms your water evenly and consistently while saving energy. That helps keep your energy expenses in check. However, install a heater whose energy factor rating is high for the highest energy-saving benefits. The higher your water heating system's rating, the smaller its energy consumption.


An old water heater may not supply hot water consistently, and you may experience some hot water breaks, which can be inconvenient. With a new hot water installation, you can enjoy a constant warm water supply. Ideally, a new heater ensures water availability during the peak demand period. 

Also, new heaters have a high recovery rating, which refers to a heater's ability to replenish warm water after depletion. This way, you won't take a cold bath if you get in the shower after everybody else in your household. Hence, new water heater installations provide access to hot water whenever you need it.

Space Savings

Your current water heater installation may have a tank for storing warm water. However, the tank may occupy more space in your home. Thus, you may want to upgrade to a smaller water heater to create more space that you can utilize for different purposes like home expansion. For example, you can install tankless water heating systems that you can mount on the wall. This way, tankless water heaters utilize a small space, creating extra space in your home.

Water Damage Prevention

A leaky water heater can cause water damage in your home. For instance, the water may seep through the walls resulting in paint peeling and wall weakening. Additionally, leaks increase the moisture levels in your home, encouraging mold growth. These molds may negatively affect your home's aesthetics and trigger allergies in your pets and home's occupants. Replacing a leaking water heating unit with a new one prevents water damage, saving you from expensive home repairs.

A new water heater installation offers convenience, prevents water damage, and saves energy and space. Consider installing a new water heater to realize these benefits.

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