Tips On How To Choose The Right Tankless Water Heater

30 March 2022
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Tankless water heaters are beneficial as they're space-saving, require less maintenance, and use energy more efficiently than conventional heaters. Additionally, these units supply warm water steadily to your home. Given these merits, tankless water heater installation is essential. Nevertheless, shopping for the ideal tankless system may be complicated due to the numerous options in the market. If you're shopping for a tankless water heating system, worry not. Here are some valuable pointers to follow.

Calculate the Flow Rate

An efficient tankless water heater should provide your warm water appliances, including showers or sinks, with sufficient water. Hence, your tankless heater should have the right flow rate. To establish the flow rate

  • identify the warm water appliances.
  • identify the appliances you may utilize at one time. This helps you identify the peak water demand.
  • establish the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) that every device utilizes and add these figures. The final figure gives the recommended flow rate of your tankless heater. 

Choosing a heater with the correct flow rate prevents water interruptions.

Calculate the Temperature Rise

Tankless water heaters should have the right temperature rise capability to produce water at the desired temperature. Nevertheless, each tankless water heater has unique temperature rise capabilities. To establish the temperature rise, identify the water temperature going into your system. Then, subtract this figure from the final water temperature exiting your heating system. If the water accessing your tankless system is 45 degrees Fahrenheit and the target temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit, your heater's temperature rise is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, always suppose that the water that requires heating has a temperature slightly lower than average to avoid picking a tankless system with an insufficient temperature rise.

Think About the Costs

When buying a tankless water heater, follow a reasonable budget. Remember that tankless unit prices vary depending on brand and features. For instance, tankless units with higher flow rates may be costlier than those with lower flow rates. Fortunately, your tankless unit seller explains the features of various systems and their operating mechanisms. This can help you select an affordable option that meets your water heating needs. Additionally, every dealer sells tankless heater products at special prices. Thus, analyze the pricing of various dealers to identify affordable tankless units.

When buying a tankless water heater consider the unit's price, flow rate, and temperature rise. Following these tips will help you invest in the perfect tankless system replacement option. 

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