Signs Your Home Has Waterline Damage

17 March 2022
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A water line is an important part of a plumbing system. If your water line is broken there are several things that that can happen. Many of them are easy to spot while others may not be so obvious. If you are concerned about whether your water line is damaged you may be wondering how you can know for sure.  

Fortunately, when water lines are going bad, they always show signs that something is wrong. Here are some of the clues you need to pay attention to if you suspect that something is wrong with your water line and that water line repair is likely in your future.

Increased Water Bill

A leak can waste a lot of water. One of the first signs that something is wrong with your water line is when you start getting higher than usual water bills. If your latest water bill is very high in comparison to your last then something is going on with your waterline. You will need to have it investigated as soon as possible or the bills will only get higher.

Puddles of Water

If you start noticing that puddles are gathering in your front yard then it is often a sign that there is some kind of problem with your water lines. When you have rainfall it is only natural for puddles to settle in your yard but if you are noticing that there is no rain but you constantly see puddles gathering, it usually means that there is a broken pipe underground and it needs to be fixed.

Wet Floors

Unfortunately when a waterline is broken the puddling is not just confined to your front yard. You may also notice that the floors inside your home are getting damp as well. You may notice that there are water patches on your floor. 

In fact, the damage may not just stop there. You may also notice that there are water bubbles on your walls or on your ceilings as well. This is usually indicative of extremely serious water line damage. If you don't get this repaired quickly flooding can get out of hand and you may need to repair your ceilings and walls as well.

The signs of your water line breaking are easy to spot. Once you suspect water line damage you should call in a plumber to investigate immediately. Damage to your waterline can be detrimental to your home and your pocket. However, if you take corrective action quickly you can prevent the problem from getting worse.