Are Your Pipes Or Drains Clogged? See Why You Should Consider Hydro Jetting

8 March 2022
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No homeowner wants to deal with clogged pipes because they are a serious problem. However, a time comes when water drains slowly or doesn't drain at all. This problem usually happens when the pipes are clogged. Unfortunately, the methods you may use to unclog them won't solve the problem. Hydro jetting is, however, more reliable in unclogging pipes. So if yours are clogged, contact a plumber to hydro jet them. But why has hydro jetting become a popular and reliable method for cleaning clogged pipes? Keep reading to learn more.

It's More Effective

The traditional techniques can also clear out or remove clogs, but they can sometimes be ineffective. They may leave some residue, which will eventually build up and cause slow drainage or other clogs. Nonetheless, hydro jetting is different because it effectively clears out everything. This means there won't be more debris and other elements in the pipes because hydro jetting can remove any obstruction. The usual techniques can't eliminate stubborn clogs as hydro jetting would. The technique is even more effective when unclogging fragile pipes.

It's Usually Hygienic and Faster

Clearing clogged pipes isn't hygienic, especially when using ordinary methods. In many instances, plumbers remove waste from the pipes and carry out other activities that often compromise sanitation. However, this doesn't happen when hydro jetting the pipes because the expert will not handle sewage or even debris with their hands. This method is also a plus because it helps you maintain a clean environment and gives instant results. Hydro jetting is a great choice because it doesn't allow contaminants to spread.

It Effectively Keeps Future Clogs at Bay

Hydro jetting isn't just effective in clearing the current clogs, but it also effectively prevents future clogs. You could use the ordinary methods to clear the pipes, but some residuals could be left in your pipes, and they could coat the pipe's inner walls, causing subsequent clogs. Hydro jetting is a worthwhile option because it perfectly cleans the pipes and prevents pipe damage. A plumbing expert can even inspect the pipes with a video camera to identify potential issues that may cause future problems. Hydro jetting leaves all the inner parts of your drains clear, keeping potential future clogs at bay.

Hydro jetting is also inexpensive, safe, versatile, and non-invasive. It's a great option for all types of pipes, including resin, cast iron, and resin pipes. So if your pipes are clogged, hydro jetting can more effectively eliminate the blockages.

For more information about hydro jetting, contact a local plumber.