5 Reasons For Conventional Gas Furnace Repair

11 February 2022
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Because of their durability and simplicity, gas furnaces are still widely used. These are the older furnaces that have a standing light and use chimney flues to vent their exhaust fumes. The design of these heaters is straightforward, and defects are reasonably easy to identify. However, just like any other device, gas furnaces require furnace repair from time to time. So, what are some of the most typical issues with these surfaces?

1. Non-Operational or Insufficient Heat 

This is one of the most prevalent complaints, and it is generally the result of the pilot light going out. It's also possible that the heat registers are closed or that the thermostat is set too low.

It's possible that relighting the pilot light will solve the problem. If the thermocouple fails or the unit has a modern electronic ignition, you'll need to call a heating repair technician.

2. Pilot Light Not Burning

It's possible that the pilot light isn't burning because there's no gas supply to it. To begin, turn on the main gas supply to ensure that your gas supply is operational. If the problem persists, contact a furnace repair specialist to rule out other possibilities, such as a defective switch or gas valve.

3. Blower is Running Constantly

Blower problems usually emanate from two areas; when fan and thermostat settings match, the blower will run continuously. This happens when you match the settings to dehumidify the house but forget to turn the settings back to automatic settings.

A faulty limit switch will also cause the blower to misbehave. This switch regulates furnace combustion up to desired temperature settings. Again, you will need a furnace repair technician to fix this fault.

4. High Squealing Noises

If your furnace is making high screeching noises, it's possible that the blower belt has frayed and is grinding against its holders. When there isn't enough lubrication, ‌fraying occurs. Eventually, a ragged belt will snap. Replacement of the frayed blower belt is the best solution.

5. Dirty or Clogged Filters

Filters are helpful for removing dirt from incoming air. Filters that are dirty or clogged have an impact on the furnace's combustion process. They also make it difficult for the motors to force air through. Your furnace should restore its efficiency when the technician replaces the filters.

Is your furnace not providing the level of comfort you expect? Consult a furnace repair service to determine the source of the problem and the best course of action.

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