Plumbing Services That Can Save You Water Over The Years

2 February 2022
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If you have a leak in a pipe, then obviously you need to have that leak repaired by a plumber in order to prevent flooding, but also to conserve water. However, leak repair is not the only plumbing service that can help you save water over the years. Here are some other services you may want to talk to your plumber about if you're interested in reducing your water consumption.

Water-Saving Faucets and Taps 

There are a lot of different kinds of faucets and taps out there. Some use far more water than others. Older faucets and tape tended to use lots of water — far more than was needed. Newer faucets tend to be more efficient regardless of how they are labeled, but the most efficient options tend to be those that carry the WaterSense label. The WaterSense label is overseen by the EPA, and the label is only given to appliances and items that are very water-efficient. You can ask your plumber to go through your home and replace any older, less-efficient faucets and taps with WaterSense models. Every replacement they make will decrease your water consumption, not only now but for years in the future.

In-Ground Irrigation Systems

If you have garden beds and other outdoor plants that you water, then you may wish to have an in-ground irrigation system installed. These systems consist of hoses and pipes that run below ground. They carry water directly to the plants' roots, where it is needed most. In-ground irrigation systems can save you a lot of water. You aren't applying water to areas where it's not needed, and you'll have less water evaporate from the surface of the ground before being absorbed into the soil. In-ground irrigation systems can be large or small. Your plumber can custom-design one to meet your needs and help you save water.

Low-Flow Toilets

The water in your toilet just gets flushed away. Why flush more of it away than needed? Most modern toilets use far less water than older models, and there are low-flow models that use even less water than average. Your plumber can take a look at your toilets, let you know how much water each one is using, and then replace any that are wasting a significant amount of water. You won't notice anything different when you flush, but you'll save so much water over the years. The right plumbing services can save you so much water over time.

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