Do You Need Portable Toilets for Your Event? 4 Things to Consider When Renting

30 November 2021
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Holding an outdoor event can be a blast. However, one of the limitations you have to overcome is getting restrooms for your guests. Most people hold outdoor events in places that do not have access to indoor bathrooms. If your event venue is far from the traditional setup, rent portable restrooms. They are an excellent choice because they ensure everyone who attends the event can relieve themselves. Here are the top things to consider when renting a portable restroom.

1.  Access the Toilets

Your first consideration should be whether the toilet is easy to access. You can get a suitable design by closely assessing the layout of your event venue. If you have not physically been to the site, look for online photos. Ensure there is a clear path your guests can follow from the tents to the portable toilets.  Also, consider your guest's needs. You should have at least one unit that is accessible to individuals who are physically challenged. Ideally, the handicapped unit should allow the user to access it from a wheelchair.

2. Think About the Number of Units You Need

The number of units that you need also matters a lot. You can calculate this number by determining the number of people who will come to the outdoor event. Most event planners recommend that you should get a portable toilet for every ten guests. Having an ideal guest-to-toilet ratio minimizes the waiting time.

3. Find Out How to Sanitize the Units

Figure out how you will keep your portable restrooms clean. Hygiene helps prevent the spread of diseases from one guest to another at the event. It also prevents the smell that you could experience from the restroom units. Your guests can also have a great experience inside the unit when you have had them thoroughly cleaned. You can ask the toilet rental company to provide cleaning services and also provide handwashing stations.

4. Consider the Features of the Toilets

The specific features of the rentals also matter. Typically, a standard unit has a toilet and a urinal extension. In addition, it should have hand sanitizer inside. Some have additional features like a handwashing station and mirrors. You can pick the features you will find essential for your guests.

Think about sourcing your portable toilet from a reputable portable toilet rental company. With their help, you can create a comfortable place where your guests can freshen up during your next event.