Six Things Homeowners Should Know About Foundation Drain Design

25 October 2021
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It's important that a home's foundation is protected from moisture. One of the best ways to protect a foundation and house from damage caused by moisture exposure is with a foundation drain.

The following are six things homeowners should know about foundation drain design. 

Foundation drains are designed to protect a home from moisture

Foundation damage in a home is dangerous and costly. Moisture exposure is a common cause of foundation damage.

A foundation drain protects a home's foundation from prolonged exposure to moisture that can cause cracks to develop in a foundation or other foundation damage. 

Foundation drain systems usually consist of a pipe installed around a home's perimeter

Foundation drain systems are placed along the exterior of a home. They typically consist of a pipe that extends all along a home's perimeter.

The foundation drainpipe is commonly constructed from PVC or a flexible ABS material. The foundation drainpipe is generally perforated to allow moisture to escape. 

A foundation drainpipe can be located on top of or along the side of the foundation footing.

There are two main options for the placement of the drainpipe when it comes to foundation drain design

The drainpipe can be placed either on top of the foundation footing or alongside the foundation footing. Either way, the foundation drainpipe must be placed so that the drain is beneath the lowest part of the foundation slab. 

The foundation drainpipe is covered to keep soil out

A covering needs to be included in the foundation drain design. This covering prevents soil from getting down into the drainpipe.

Generally, the drainpipe is covered using a mesh material that is permeable. Above the mesh, a layer of gravel is placed as an additional layer of cover. 

The foundation drainpipe can be connected to a dry well or sump pump

The drainpipe needs to include some sort of outlet that moisture can be channeled to. A drainpipe can lead to daylight so that moisture can dry.

Other options in foundation drain design include channeling the drainpipe into either a dry well or a sump pump connection. 

A foundation drain system protects a foundation from structural damage

It's important for homeowners to realize the threat that moisture exposure poses. Moisture can cause weaknesses in a foundation that will eventually cause structural damage in a home. 

Foundation drain design is an important home feature that protects a home's structure. For more information, contact a company like The American Drain Company.