5 Reasons To Clean Your Drains This Fall

28 September 2021
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Fall is a good time to schedule an annual drain cleaning, even if it seems that everything is working well. You don't want hidden issues to rear their heads only after winter cold arrives.

1. Autumn Debris

Dead leaves and other plant debris can cause clogs in exterior drainage systems, such as those underground drains that connect gutter downspouts to a storm drain system. Avoid yard flooding by having the drains cleared out each fall as the last of the leaves hit the ground. This way you won't have to worry about the winter snow melt from the roof backing up due to a clogged drain.

2. Holiday Entertaining

Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season, when meals with friends and family become the order of the day. You don't want a backed up drain affecting your festivities when there are guests in the home. Have your sink and tub drains, as well as the home's main drain, cleaned prior to holiday entertaining so that there will be one less thing to worry about in the midst of your celebration. 

3. Troublesome Roots

Tree roots grow all spring and summer, seeking out nutrients and moisture. They often find these things inside your home's main drain line, as the roots can invade small gaps and cracks to make their way into the pipe. A full drain cleaning with an auger or hydrojetter will rip the roots out of the drain so that effluent can flow freely. This cuts down on the chances of a backup over the winter and ensures clear running drains well into the following spring.

4. Odor Control

You may not notice any bad odors from drains in summer, when windows are often left open and fresh air abounds. Once the house is shut up for winter, though, your drains may cause quite a stink from the debris and bacterial mats that have developed within. Not only will cleaning the drains help them flow better, it will also eliminate any odor causing residue that is deep within the pipes. 

5. Freeze Concerns

Slow moving drains, particularly exterior drains or drain lines that in more exposed areas, can hold water inside them. In winter, this water can freeze and expand, leading to a burst drain line. Clean your drains in the fall so you can be sure the water flows through them instead of accumulating and posing a freeze hazard.

Contact a drain cleaning service for more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation.