Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs Repair

21 September 2021
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Although it has a different shape than a standard water heater, your tankless water heater still has a similar function. Tankless water heaters use heating elements to get your water hot quickly. If something goes wrong, you could end up needing a tankless water heater repair. Here are some of the signs that a repair could be required for your tankless heater.

1. The water isn't getting hot

If the tankless water heater will turn on, but the water simply isn't getting as hot as it's supposed to, you may need to call for repairs. The tankless water heater likely isn't functioning at full capacity. This could be because, for example, a heating element has burned out. Since this is the part that actually heats the water, you could then find water moves through the heater but doesn't get as hot as it should (or simply stays completely cold).

2. The tankless heater is leaking

Like any other plumbing element, your tankless water heater contains water and can leak. However, the connections can leak if the heater was installed poorly, or if the connections are getting very old and contain rubber elements that became brittle and started to crumble over time. Your plumber can diagnose and fix the leak so it won't cost you a lot in wasted water and water damage cleanup.

3. The heater displays an error code

If your hot water heater won't turn on, it may have a problem with the ignition. For example, the ignition burner may be too dirty or gas pressure may be too low for proper ignition. This could cause an error code to display.

Another possibility is that the exhaust system may be blocked. Tankless water heaters are typically designed to throw an error code if the exhaust system isn't working properly since that could create a dangerous situation. As such, get in touch with a professional to find out what the problem is and get your water heater back in working condition again.

4. The heater produces odd-colored water

In some cases, buildup of minerals from hard water can cause interesting effects. If your tankless water heater has a lot of buildup from internal minerals. these minerals could get into the hot water and the water may become oddly colored when it comes out of the faucet. While hard water minerals aren't typically considered unhealthy, you should have a water heater repair professional come out to clean the inside of your heater with a descaling agent if you want your water to run clear again.

These signs can help you distinguish when your tankless water heater needs help from a professional. Get in touch with a repair professional right away so you can have warm showers again as quickly as possible. A water heater repair service can provide more information.