When To Replace Your Sump Pump

24 August 2021
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Every home with a basement requires a sump pump to prevent flooding. Sump pumps do the heavy lifting when it comes to draining excess water from the basement. Without a proper sump pump, your house will be at risk for water damage during the rainy season. 

Unfortunately, sump pumps are also prone to damage, and they can break down after some time. If you notice that something is off, you might want to replace your sump pump, especially if it can't be repaired. These signs should tell you that it's time for a sump pump replacement. 

Motor Failure

Your sump pump depends on a motor to empty water from your basement. If the motor fails, then your sump pump will become useless. In most cases, the sump pump's motor fails if it is being overworked. 

If the sump pump has an undersized or poor quality motor, it will have to work extra hard to empty the sump pit. The motor has to run continuously; thus, increasing its chances of breaking down because of burnout. If the motor fails, you'll have to purchase a new one as there is no way to repair it.

Old Age

Sometimes you don't have to wait for your sump pump to break down completely to replace it. If your sump pump has served you for more than seven years, you should have it replaced. 

While sump pumps have a long lifespan, they will lose their efficiency before they hit ten years. Besides, you'll have repaired the sump pump a few times by the time it gets to a decade. As long as your pump has hit seven years and above, it is time for an upgrade.

Weird Noises

Sump pumps are among the quietest plumbing equipment you'll ever find. While it's normal for a sump pump to produce humming noises, the noises shouldn't be loud. So if your pump produces weird noises when running, there is a likelihood that it has a problem. 

Faulty sump pumps will produce gurgling, rattling, and grinding sounds. Most of these sounds come from the motor. If it's a minor problem, your plumber will rectify it. However, if the problem doesn't go away, you should get a new sump pump. 

Visible Rust or Damage

Sump pumps can also show signs of wear and tear as time goes. You'll notice that some parts are covered with rust. The rust could be coming from corroded battery terminals or old age. 

Whatever the case is, you should replace the sump pump before it fails when you need it most. Apart from rust, look for other signs of damage that might affect the efficiency of your sump pump. To learn more, contact a plumber.