Signs You Need Drainfield Repair Services

30 June 2021
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Most homes have private sewer treatment systems to help eliminate wastewater safely. One crucial component of a sewer system is the drainfield, also known as leach drain or leach field. Ideally, leach drains help eliminate impurities from the wastewater in the septic tank. However, the leach drains can become damaged over time. Therefore, you need to perform timely drainfield restoration. The process helps preserve your drainfield's lifespan and avoid replacement costs. Here are the signs that you require drainfield repair services:

1. Water Pool Formation

When you notice pools of wastewater forming in your yard, that means that there's a problem with your leach drain. Your leach drain may have ruptured, leading to the leakage of the water. Note that the wastewater pools can pose health risks to your pets and loved ones. For instance, your kids and pets may play with and ingest the contaminated water, leading to stomach infections. Additionally, the water pools can make your yard inaccessible. Therefore, perform drainfield restoration to seal the leaks and stop water pooling.

2. Sewage Backup

When you experience sewage backup in your home, the sign may mean that your leach field has issues. The backup occurs when there's blockage along the leach field, which usually occurs due to debris. When debris accumulates in the drainfield and causes clogging, you may experience sewer backup. Hence, consider calling drainfield restoration services to inspect and unclog the leach field.

3. Foul Odors

Bad smells in your home are a sign that you may need to have your drainfield repaired. However, you need to identify the source of the smell first. Confirm that you have eliminated the trash and confirm that your home is clean. If the smell is persistent, move to the outdoors and check your leach drain. The chances are that your drainfield is full, causing an overflow of wastewater. Drainfield restoration can help stop the overflow and eliminate the bad odors.

4. Green Grass Around Your Drainfield

If you notice that the grass around your drainfield is greener than other parts of your garden, that probably means that there's a leak. Wastewater contains bacteria and nutrients that trigger the healthy growth of grass. Over time, the grass may overgrow and the roots may penetrate the drain line, leading to further damage. If you don't stop the leakage, you may incur unnecessary leach drain replacement costs.

Bad odors, water pool formation in your yard, sewage backup, and lush grass around your leach drain site indicate that you need drainfield restoration. Consider hiring a local plumber to perform leach drain repairs when you see these indicators.