3 Indicators Your Water Heater Needs Repair Services

22 June 2021
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Having a water heater comes with many benefits because you will always have hot water in the house. As a result, you can conveniently handle daily chores such as doing dishes or cleaning. However, over time, your unit may develop problems that might affect its performance. In this case, you should call a plumber to prevent further damages. The following are three indicators it's time for water heater repair.

1. Reduced Supply of Hot Water

If hot water is running out quicker than expected, contact a plumber to inspect the heater. Water heaters usually have a heating element both at the top and bottom to provide adequate hot water. Thus, when your supply is low, the chances are one or both of these elements are malfunctioning. This may also be due to a defect on the thermostat or thermal switch.

Moreover, you may encounter this problem when the dip tube is broken. A dip tube's main function is to convey cold water to the unit's bottom to be heated. However, cold water will stay at the top when it breaks, which means water will be released to your faucets before it is well heated.

Accumulation of sediments at the bottom of your unit can also cause a shortage of hot water. This is because the buildup can clog the burner, reducing its heating efficiency. Therefore, you need home water heater repair to restore your unit's performance. Note that this problem can also occur if your unit is too small for your needs.

2. Inconsistent Water Temperatures

If your water temperatures keep fluctuating from hot to lukewarm or cold, it is best to have it checked by a competent plumber. This problem may be caused by mineral deposits buildup, a defective heating element, or a faulty pressure-balancing valve. A plumber can help you discover the issue causing the fluctuating temperatures and solve it. For instance, they could repair or replace the faulty heating element or valve.

3. Strange Sounds

A water heater normally makes some noise when working. But if your unit produces loud sounds, which can be cracking, bagging, or popping, the chances are it has sediment buildup, or the burner is about to fail. An expert can flush and clean your unit to ensure it works effectively. They can also replace the burner if it is severely damaged.

If you experience any of the warning signs highlighted above, it's time to consider water heater repair. Remember to hire an experienced plumber for top-notch services.