3 Plumber Services You Should Know

28 May 2021
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You never notice how crucial your plumbing is until the toilet stops flushing. Most people require the plumber when the plunger won't work, and there is nothing left to try. Plumbing services are essential for both public and residential health. But a local plumber can do more than unclog drains. Professional plumbers services can also install all water and waste systems and appliances. Here are some of the more specialized plumbing services.

1. Water Heater Installation 

A water heating system is complicated with different components installed and calibrated carefully to work together. Professional installation is important to avoid risks, including electrical fires and explosions.

A professional plumber will advise you on the size of the water heater you need depending on the number of people in the house and patterns of use. They will then design the installation to fit your home's architecture. The installation phase involves working with the home's electrical system and calibrating the system. You may not see all this complicated work when you turn on the tap for hot water, but it requires high skills.

2. Water Tank Cleaning

Did you know that dirt in your water tank contributes to higher energy bills? The minerals in the water deposit on the different water fixtures, including the water heater coils in appliances like the hot water kettle and main water heater. Inefficient heating uses more power than it should.

A dirty water tank is also a good breeding ground for various pathogens. You might see more cases of different tummy problems and even skin problems. Plumbing services clean water tanks thoroughly to remove hardened limescale and kill off any lurking microorganisms.

3. In-Ground Camera Inspections

Do you have problematic clogs that seem to occur every other week? The long-term solution is to do a thorough inspection of the plumbing. But sometimes, the piping is in tricky sections like under floor tiles, where the usual inspection would be difficult.

Plumbing services do camera inspections to check out problems in sections that are hard to reach. These cameras can see in the dark and identify problems in clear images. The plumber then deploys a drain snake to clear the clog. They can also use hydro jetting, a highly pressurized water jet that forces its way through the clog.

Are you having problems with any water system or appliance? Call a local plumber to diagnose the problem and fix it.