The ABCs Air Conditioning Services

24 May 2021
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What do first-time homeowners need to know about air conditioning services? If a new cooling system is at the top of your move-in to-do list, take a look at the ABCs of AC installation.

Air Conditioner Choices

Do you know what type of air conditioner you want or need? Even though central air conditioners are popular picks, these whole-home systems aren't your only cooling options. Before you invest in a new air conditioner, consider:

  • Is there a system already in the home? Does your new home have an old air conditioner? If your home already has a central, replacing the main unit/outdoor condenser is a top option. But if your home isn't air-conditioned or only has window units, you may need to explore other choices.
  • Does the home have air ducts? Without ducts, a forced air central system can't push the air around your home. If your new home doesn't have ducts, you have two primary options—install ducts or choose a ductless mini-split system.
  • Do you need to cool your entire home? Not only is a mini-split air conditioner an ideal choice for homes without ducts, but this type of system also cools the interior space by the room or in zones. This may help to save you money in cooling costs.

This isn't the only choice you have. Along with this decision, you also need to know what size and brand of air conditioner you want. Talk to a qualified HVAC contractor to learn more about these options and which one meets your home's needs.

Best Installation Option

After you choose an air conditioner it's time to take the next step and install the system. Air conditioning installation isn't a do-it-yourself job. A DIY installation could result in potential costly mistakes, invalidate a warranty, or reduce the system's overall efficiency. An HVAC professional has the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to correctly install central and mini-split air conditioners.

Cooling System Maintenance 

Air conditioning services don't stop at the installation. After the HVAC technician installs your new cooling system, they can discuss routine care and a maintenance schedule. Some types of care, such as air filter replacement, are easy for most homeowners to do on their own. But central unit or duct cleaning, refrigerant recharges, and inspections are jobs you should leave to the pro. Like installation, an HVAC contractor has the knowledge and experience needed to complete these services.