Emergency Plumbing Repairs That You May Need To Deal With In Your Home

20 May 2021
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The plumbing in your home has some important jobs, and there are times when it may not work the way you need it to. Dealing with plumbing emergencies can be challenging, and many times may require the help of a professional plumber to resolve the problem.

Leaking Pipes

Anytime you have pipes leaking in your home, fixing the leak becomes a priority. Water leaking from a pipe inside the house can damage the floors, ceilings, and walls, depending on where the leak is located, so it is crucial to shut off the water as soon as you notice a leak. 

If you see or hear water but can not see where it is coming from, you need to call an emergency plumber to help locate and repair the leak. The leak is often behind a wall or between floors, so you have to know what to look for, and experienced plumbers often have tricks to locate the leak. 

When the plumbers arrive at your home, they may need to turn the water back on to find the leak, but once you shut off the water main, leave it off until the professionals arrive. If the plumbing service needs the water on to find the leak, they will turn it back on or ask you to when the time is right.

Drain Issues

A clogged drain is not always an emergency, but if you have a drain that is backing up or a toilet that is overflowing and you can't seem to stop it, it is time to call an emergency plumbing service for help. Drains flowing back into the house typically indicate a problem with the sewer line, but the plumber will need to check the line and try to clear it. 

The most common way to clear the line is with an auger that the plumber sends down the pipe to break up debris and open the drain. If that does not work, the plumbing service may need to use a fiber-optic camera and inspect the inside of the pipe for damage. 

The camera allows the plumber to see inside the pipe in real-time and indicates the length of cable from the camera so the plumber can find the problem and determine where in the system it is. 

For stubborn clogs, the plumbing service can use high-pressure water to blast away the debris inside the pipe and clear the drain. Jetting the pipe is typically done from below the clog so that the material breaks up and goes into the sewer system. This helps ensure that the debris does not remain in the line and cause the pipe to back up a second time.